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    Cloud 9 Foot Spa’s Journey from Vision to Franchise Success

    An innovative brand in the American wellness industry, traces its roots back to the rich cultural experiences of its founder, Sean Peng. When he was frequently visiting China for business, Sean discovered a thriving spa culture where foot spas weren’t just venues for relaxation but essential parts of community life, welcoming families and business associates […]

    An innovative brand in the American wellness industry, traces its roots back to the rich cultural experiences of its founder, Sean Peng. When he was frequently visiting China for business, Sean discovered a thriving spa culture where foot spas weren’t just venues for relaxation but essential parts of community life, welcoming families and business associates alike. This stark contrast to the U.S. spa industry, where spas often cater predominantly to women and exude an air of exclusivity, sparked a vision in Sean. He recognized a significant market gap in the U.S. for a more inclusive spa experience that embraced the communal spirit of the new foot spas.

    Motivated by this idea, Sean launched his first foot spa in 2010 in the heart of the San Francisco bay area. He aimed to transform the American spa experience by introducing an environment that was welcoming all genders and families. “I loved Foot Spa… after maybe a long day of working, after a major meeting I would go there, and it was so well done, it’s very upscale” Sean reflected on his experiences in China, highlighting the upscale yet communal nature of foot spas. By combining these elements, Cloud 9 Foot Spa was poised to fill a void in the U.S. market, providing a unique wellness option that catered to a broader audience. This philosophy not only set the stage for the business’s growth but also highlighted its potential to redefine norms within the wellness industry.

    As Sean Peng ventured into the American wellness industry with Cloud 9 Foot Spa, many viewed this move as risky and worried about the new challenges he would face. His years of finance and entrepreneurship experiences helped him and his team quickly establish themselves in the market. The first location, initially under the name Oceanic Foot Spa, proved to be a resounding success, quickly gaining popularity within the community, drawing tens of thousands of visitors from over 20 States. This early success provided a solid foundation for expansion. Cloud 9’s concept resonated well with American consumers, who were drawn to its family-friendly atmosphere and inclusive approach. After 13 years’ steady growth, Cloud 9 team established a total of 7 locations in California, Texas and Washington as of 2024. Encouraged by the positive response, Sean made the strategic decision to franchise the business to leverage its scalability and extend its reach. His goal is to make attainable self-care like Cloud 9 concept spas available to all families in America. This move was instrumental in rapidly multiplying the number of locations and firmly establishing Cloud 9 Foot Spa in the wellness market. Each new branch reinforced the brand’s reputation, building a loyal customer base eager for a spa experience that prioritized communities alongside individual relaxation. Cloud 9’s growth highlighted Sean’s ability to not only recognize a gap in the market but to effectively fill it with a compelling and sustainable business model. Franchise investors like Julie Li, who researched over 100 franchise businesses, embraced the Cloud 9 concept. She decided to join Cloud 9, recognizing the advantage of being an early mover and the potential of the untapped family-friendly spa market.

    Cloud 9 Foot Spa’s branding and professional ethics are deeply rooted into its business model, reflecting their commitment to excellence and integrity that Sean Peng has cultivated from the inception of the first spa. This commitment is visually and ethically expressed through branding that communicates high standards and focus on customer satisfaction. Sean highlighted the importance of this approach, stating,

    “From day one, we spent a lot of effort on professional branding, in great communication with clients, in interior design, making sure every customer who walks in realizes this is a spa that they can trust.”

    This commitment to professionalism extends beyond aesthetics, rooting itself in a profound ethical foundation inspired by influential thinkers and industry leaders.

    Two books, in particular, have shaped Sean’s approach to business ethics and customer service: Unreasonable Hospitality by Will Guidara and From Zero to Kyocera by Kazuo Inamori. These works have provided a philosophical and practical framework for developing a service-oriented culture at Cloud 9 Foot Spa. Guidara’s concept of “Unreasonable Hospitality” has encouraged Sean to go beyond conventional customer service, striving to create unforgettable, unique customer experiences that foster loyalty and satisfaction. Meanwhile, Inamori’s principles of diligence and moral conduct in business, as outlined in his book, have reinforced Cloud 9’s dedication to ethical practices and responsible business conduct. These influences can be observed within every aspect of Cloud 9’s operations, ensuring that the spa not only meets but exceeds the expectations of both the customer and the industry.

    While Cloud 9 Foot Spa’s innovative approach and dedicated customer service have been pivotal to its success, the strategic legal guidance provided by their franchise law firm, Spadea Lignana, has played a crucial supporting role in navigating the complexities of franchising. As Sean expanded Cloud 9 into new locations, the expertise from Spadea Lignana in franchise law helped streamline the legal processes, allowing him to focus on growth and service excellence.

    “Spadea Lignana’s support was crucial not just for navigating the legal landscape but also for understanding how to strategically position ourselves for growth.”

    Sean acknowledged. This partnership has enabled Cloud 9 to expand its footprint effectively while ensuring compliance and solidifying its business foundation across multiple locations.

    Like many businesses, Cloud 9 Foot Spa faced unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19, which forced temporary closures and fundamentally changed the operational dynamics of the wellness industry. Sean Peng’s leadership was instrumental in steering the business during these tough times. “COVID hit everybody, and COVID gave us new ideas,” Sean reflected on the adapting strategies they implemented. The commitment to safety and the trust of the community played a critical role, as Cloud 9 swiftly introduced enhanced health protocols, including hospital-grade UV sanitization and comprehensive staff training in new hygiene practices. This responsiveness not only safeguarded the health of their clients and staff but also strengthened Cloud 9’s reputation as a dependable and caring wellness provider in the face of a global crisis. The overwhelming support from clients propelled Cloud 9 businesses to a quicker recovery and stronger growth through the pandemic times.

    As Cloud 9 Foot Spa continues to thrive, Sean Peng is actively looking to extend the brand’s presence and influence within the wellness industry. With the solid foundation of a successful business model that has proven resilient even through challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic, Sean sees significant potential for expanding Cloud 9 into new locations. “We have seven existing locations and the first franchise location coming in the Dallas area,” he shared, indicating ongoing growth and the strategic establishment of new spas that align with communities.

    Sean is deeply committed to franchising, aiming to enable more entrepreneurs to join the Cloud 9 family. “I think that the future will further exceed my expectations,” Sean noted, expressing optimism about the impact of broadening the franchise network. With comprehensive support and training for franchisees, Cloud 9 plans to maintain the high standards of service and engagement that have become its hallmark, ensuring that each new spa makes a positive impact in each community.

    As Cloud 9 Foot Spa continues to expand, Sean Peng offers valuable insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those interested in entering the wellness industry or considering franchising. Reflecting on his journey from a CPA to a successful spa owner, Sean emphasizes the importance of perseverance and having a clear vision. “The number one quality that I value personally is perseverance”, says Sean, highlighting how enduring commitment to a goal is critical in overcoming the inevitable challenges of entrepreneurship.

    Sean also advises new entrepreneurs to focus on creating a business that genuinely meets the needs of its customers while reflecting their own passions and values. He encourages a thoughtful approach to business, where making a positive impact on the community should be as important as achieving financial success.

    “Think about what is unique about your service, how it helps people, and what you love about it. That’s where you find the synergy that drives success.”

    Sean advises. For those considering franchising, he emphasizes the importance of choosing a franchise that offers robust support and aligns with one’s values, ensuring a partnership that fosters both growth and success. By sharing these principles, Sean aims to inspire and guide the next generation of entrepreneurs towards creating meaningful and sustainable businesses.

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